Outa Earth Processors, Ltd. The REAL Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Outa Earth processors fall in the category of a Small to Medium sized enterprise that has been processing Castor Oil for the past 13 years while serving different markets both local and overseas. Our support for this traditional Jamaican product is from two main standpoints, firstly for the general health benefits which its users derive, and secondly from its employment creation and income generation potential at all stages of production of this nature-driven product.

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This is underpinned by the fact that over sixty small urban and rural gatherers covering six parishes regularly earn a direct income from our eco-friendly operations.  We are also sincerely committed to preserving the traditional methods of production of this oil by using a minimum of machinery, in honour of the thousands of Jamaican women who have produced this oil throughout the years. This results in the production of the finest natural Castor oil in Jamaica. Outa Earth Castor oil is the only oil that has been certified to Cosmetic Grade by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica through the Jamaica Made Mark of Quality and authenticity.



Outa Earth Processors Ltd is known for its production of the finest Jamaican Black and Gold castor oil, which have won first prize at the annual Jamaica Agriculture Society’s, Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show, for two consecutive years(2011 and 2012). This family-owned business has been run along holistic lines with a mandate to support the Jamaican economy by promoting and protecting the culture and care of traditional processing methods for our most famous Castor oil.

We are indeed proud of our oil which is produced using the traditional open fire boiling method, with the introduction of machinery to press the beans. Castor oil has been part of Jamaica’s cultural heritage since the middle of the nineteenth century when it was introduced by the colonial government. Most of the seeds strains found on the island are from the original stock which came from Egypt and the Southern United States. Many new strains have been introduced since then, however, it is the Jamaican wild variety, from the original stock,  that is most successful and grows in all soil types from the mountains to the coastline. Our oil is produced from these seeds gathered in the wild by small farmers in over six parishes.

Castor oil was traditionally known mainly as an excellent hair oil and laxative, however, with modern research, it has been identified to be useful in over twenty-six (26) different industries from medical to industrial applications.



Additionally, the many and diverse ways that this Jamaican wonder crop can be utilized has resulted in Outa Earth processors being the recipient of a World bank Proof of Concept (POC) grant through the Caribbean Climate Innovation  Centre. The grant has been used to develop two products from Castor beans namely a Briquette and a Soil Conditioner

The Soil Conditioner is rich in valuable nutrients needed for the rejuvenation of soil and was analyzed by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ). This is a timely addition to the other natural and organic inputs in our country, in celebration of the United Nations designated Year of the Soil (2015). With further development, these products will be available for the market in late 2016



Castor oil has been used as a healing oil by some traditional cultures from the ancient Ayurvedic medicine of India, to Egyptian mummification practices.  Until recently, information on the oil’s benefits has been handed down from one generation to the next, shrouded in strict rules of production and psycho-spiritual guidelines. The women who produced this oil were held to a high moral code by their community, as this was the only way to know that the oil will be “clean” and able to benefit the users. Women had to remain celibate before boiling the oil, there should be no quarrels or arguments in the yard during processing, boiling is sometimes done in secret away from negative influences and “unclean” persons.  Everything must be kept peaceful and calm. These rules were instituted by our ancestors to preserve the spiritual healing nature of Castor oil and to assist the oil to flow during processing.

At Outa Earth Processors, our oil is boiled by men who strictly honour these traditions of our ancestors and have added our own of prayer and thanks at every stage of preparation and processing of this sacred oil. We are now certified producers of a fine, Cosmetic grade oil and one of the largest producers of hand-boiled Jamaican Black and Gold Castor Oil.

With the coming of the internet and advanced research, we now know that Castor oil can be useful for a myriad of ailments and is a component of a variety of products, -in twenty-six different industries.  In order to derive the benefits, castor oil is topically applied to the affected area and is useful for a variety of skin conditions like keratosis, dermatitis, wound healing, acne and ringworms. The oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral and is one of the best cleansers for the body’s lymphatic system.

There is extensive information online regarding the full benefits of this wonderful healing oil and according to the American Cancer Society, Castor oil even shows some promise in the treatment of cancer. Early clinical trials suggest that ricin, when combined with an antibody to confine this poison to malignant cells, shrinks tumors in Lymphoma patients.

In fact, Castor oil has been reportedly used to treat all of the conditions listed below. While I certainly cannot attest to Castor oil’s efficacy for all these conditions (as research is incomplete to date) I list them here to illustrate the wide array of possibilities.