Grab Life By The Tail!

Through this curriculum, students will learn how to integrate life lessons, facts, and practical experience in order to transform our world and make a difference and beautify their own neighborhoods and communities. This curriculum can easily be adapted for use in any nation.




The LightHouse is commandeered by using local venues as headquarters for E.A.T. local project


To show and learn how we are all interconnected and interdependent with each other and with our earth.


To combine ancient and traditional therapies with environmental education and interactive technology


Provide living classrooms, nature field trips, and hands-on projects in an effort to motivate students to adapt to green life principles


Produce public service announcements, Life Celebrations and Exhibits for the benefit of the community


Offer a unique cultural-exchange opportunity to foster what students learn to apply key marketable skills to create sustainable development communities for the enjoyment, education, and appreciation of the general public.