Unify and Become a Member of E.A.T. Today.

It’s the perfect grassroots movement for those who desire to work with a network of like-minded people who desire to live in love and tranquility. E.A.T. is designed with a commitment to aid in job creation, increase revenue and build intercultural relations. This sharing economy supports developing nations and is particularly interested in building a bridge between the Diaspora and Africa.  By becoming a member, we take the steps to return to our communal life.  Together, establish and maintain certified organic farms, gain a market for products, establish trade, and offer private labeling.


  • Implement farm-to-table school gardens and nutrition programs
  • Create green spaces such as; certified organic farms and food forests
  • Provide S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art+Design, Math)
  • Experience the ultimate intercultural exchange, development, and recreational activities
  • Advance in environmental career and life skills training
  • Provide aid to farming communities and artisans in need
  • Organize outdoor classrooms and field trips in nature
  • Introduce green and socially conscious vendors to the public
  • Connect and engage volunteers to make a positive impact
  • Maintain fair trade partnerships and build international trade relationships
  • Community-driven global service, mentoring and experiential learning
  • Collaborate learning with local farmers for organic agri-business programs