8 Steps to Build a Model Sustainable Community

“We call E.A.T. the
ultimate socio-economic stimuli”

1.  Join E.A.T. Grow Club or create your own

Plant with strict organic guidelines to offer private label organics. Grow food with a prayerful and merry heart because food is a spiritual thing.  Share a portion of the food we plant for free with families in need because Someone Has A Right to Eat—Community Food & Organic Seed Bank

2. Film and Document

Keep a digital timeline of the transformation to a communal life.  Use multi-media.


3. Travel: International Road Trip

Host Mobile Interactive Exhibits, Classes, Workshops, Special Events & Nature Experiences Internationally and Inspire an E.A.T. Life


4. International Fair Trade

Support Local Economy.  Provide aid for artisans with sweatshop-free manufacturing.


5. F.U.N. & S.U.N. 

Partner with Faithful and Loyal Businesses to provide donations for members.  Local businesses help with seed capital and in-kind donations. These Alliances are Foods Unified Network,  donating food until communities are self-sustaining.  Shippers Unified Network provides a discount for logistics operations and freight forwarding services.


6. Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief

Emergency Medical & Refugee Relocation Services


7.  Manufacture Dome & Eco Homes

Become Certified to build the eco-homes of the future.  Think round!  Introduce dome dwellings built to suit using hempcrete.  Hempcrete is mold and fire resistant and domes structures are used as safe homes to repel hurricanes and tornadoes.


8. Open a LightHouse

24/7 Enlightenment Centers so our youth can “Grab Life by The Tail!”  Themed learning and hands-on activities.   Included is on site music, dance, photo, multimedia studios for use with lessons or available for rent for public use.  Build a dome center or use existing real-estate properties in your community.  Go Green!



We cultivate an ethical and sustainable model and integrate a digital bridge to replicate the process around the world! We incorporate the greatest minds, unified to share, network and collaborate hands-on to build a model self-sustaining community.  Here is a brief overview of the vision below.  Our team of professional environmental stewards, wellness practitioners, and skilled workforce offer our services to your business, event, or community.  We are here to help guide you to a cleaner, greener and healthier life.