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(E.A.T.) Eco Agro Trade Indigenous Sharing Community


We are a spiritual, peaceful, non-religious, non-governmental indigenous nation.

Ecology Agriculture Trade Indigenous (E.A.T.) clean, green and healthy life change interconnect communities in a digital bridge and provide sustainable education using the arts.  Our 8 step socio-economic stimuli embrace ancient, divine and holistic principles to balance the spirit, mind, and body.

We educate and inspire the general public to go green and get involved.  We’re on an International Road Tour sharing our rich heritage and indigenous knowledge with the earth to take the necessary measure to help save our planet while it’s in peril.   We aim to help preserve our international morality, our earth and build model communities and replicate the process worldwide.


Pilot Project: Jamaica,

Next Stop, Ghana & Ethiopia.
Contact us to green your street or town

Please support our 4th Annual Free Lunch & Health Fair Jan 21, 2019, at Haile Selassie Technical High School, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

Visit for info: https://rastafari.tv/mission-hshs/

Previous E.A.T. Community Service

~ Jan. 2015-Jan. 2018 Annual Free Health Fair Haile Selassie High School & Tavares Garden Community, St. Andrew

~ Jan. 2018—Jamnesia Beach Clean up and Outdoor Sustainable Class, Bull Bay, JA, Haile Selassie High School Field Trip

~ Dec. 2017—Donation of 600lbs of School & Office Supplies for Haile Selassie High School in partnership with RasTafari.TV & JAHJAH Foundation

~ July 2016—Ethiopia Tour- Footsteps of Our Emperor Tour. Establish E.A.T. Mission, Shashamane JRDC School, ET

~ Nov. 2014 – Community Clean up & Visit The Source Farm Field Trip—Haile Selassie I High School, St. Andrew, Jamaica

~ Sept. 2009-Sep.2010 E.A.T. East Orange, Eco Activities & City Hall Clean up with teens from local YMCA, William St.

~ April 2008, Film Screening “Life & Debt” at African American Research Library and Cultural Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL

~ June 2008, Encore presentation “Life & Debt” film by Stephanie Black at Broward Community College, FL

~ Dec 2006—May 2007 “Roots Evolution—The Lyrical Rebel” Spoken Word Events spreading awareness about Jamaican farmers

~ September 2005-May 2006 “Outcry” against drugs and violence in Jamaica & Florida, Fort Lauderdale, benefiting Sugar Minott Kingston Mission

~ July 22-24, 2005, E.A.T. Jamaica Eco Weekend at The Grand Palms Golf Resort, FL benefiting Walkerswood Community Schools

EAT Jamaica Renegade Farming

We salute your corporate responsibility in going green and saving our planet.  Your support help provides programs and special events to inspire the general public to go green, get involved and embrace a clean, green and healthy life.   Project Ecology  Agriculture Trade Indigenous Sharing Community (E.A.T.) is a registered 501(c)4  civic league, social welfare organization providing training to those with lesser exposure the benefits of embracing sustainable lifestyle practices.   Our mission is to preserve our ancient, divine and holistic way of life and to showcase our rich heritage and culture with the world through sustainable education and the arts.   Though we are worldwide in scope, our pilot project is in full effect in Jamaica.

We invite all family and friends at home and abroad to be a part of this dynamic initiative.  It’s our desire to join hands to establish an international organic food distribution network to supply our communities with healthy and affordable foods.

You are welcome to join in and add creative ideas to this neighborhood beautification and indigenous heritage preservation program. Anyone desiring to join, donate, sponsor or for vendor opportunities, please call (954) 673-6823, or email eat@projecteat.org to help restore Jamaica’s integrity.

E.A.T. has been selected to be a part of the festivities of the 17th Annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival in Sunrise, Florida from November 11, 2018 |11-11|

We request in-kind donations, sponsors and investors.   In exchange for your support, we will design a one-of-a-kind, fair trade fitness apparel honoring your brand, modeled all day at the event.   We will also add your logo to all print collateral, signage and mention in go-live social media videos and in radio and TV ads.

Our booth at the event serves as a fundraiser and for raising awareness for E.A.T. Jamaica Mission.   For the past 4 years, we’ve been in service to students and faculty at Haile Selassie Technical High School, St. Andrew.  We’ve sponsored annual free health fairs, provided free healthy lunches and planned eco-friendly field trips and community service days.   We’ve donated hundreds of pounds of school supplies and started an organic garden and nutrition program to supplement the canteen all out of pocket.  Envision what we can do when we unite for the cause.

  • Ras Muhamad feat. Naptali - Farmerman

  • Jesse Royal - In Comes The Small Axe (Mixtape 2013)

  • Max Romeo - The Farmer's Story