Sheldon Blake

To whom it may concern:

Project Ecology Agriculture Trade Indigenous Sharing Community (E.A.T.) is a registered 501(c)4 civic league, social welfare organization providing training to those with lesser exposure the benefits of embracing sustainable lifestyle practices. Our mission is to preserve our ancient, divine and holistic way of life and to showcase our rich heritage and culture with the world through sustainable education and the arts. The pilot project starts in Jamaica. Our goal is to inspire the general public to go green, get involved and embrace a clean, green and healthy life.

Project EAT is requesting the honor of Mr. Sheldon Blake as our guest artisan featured in upcoming presentations at the 17th Annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival in Sunrise, Florida from November 7th – 14th, 2018. For the last 4 years, E.A.T. Jamaica has been in service to students and faculty at Haile Selassie Technical High School, St. Andrew sponsoring annual free health fairs, providing free healthy lunches and planned eco-friendly field trips and community service days. We’ve donated hundreds of pounds of school supplies and started an organic garden and nutrition program to supplement the canteen. Mr. Blake has been chosen because of his amazing talent as an authentic Jamaican visual artiste and for his tireless work with Project E.A.T. mission at Haile Selassie Technical High School.

Sponsor Amount Needed:
$1,000 – Flight & Accommodations

We invite all family and friends of Jamaica at home and abroad to be a part of this dynamic initiative and homecoming. You are welcome to join in and present creative ideas to this neighborhood beautification and indigenous heritage preservation and restoration. Anyone desiring to join, donate, sponsor or for vendor opportunities, please call (954) 673-6823, or email to help restore Jamaica’s integrity.

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E.A.T. Jamaica Staff