Outa Earth Processors, Ltd. & Farm

Outa Earth processors falls in the category of a Small to Medium sized enterprise that has been processing Castor Oil for the past 13 years,  while serving different markets both local and overseas. Our support for this traditional Jamaican product is from two main stand points, firstly for the general health benefits which its users derive, and secondly from its employment creation and income generation potential at all stages of production of this nature-driven product.

This is underpinned by the fact that over sixty small urban and rural gatherers covering six parishes regularly earn a direct income from our eco-friendly operations.  We are also sincerely committed to preserving the traditional methods of production of this oil by using a minimum of machinery, in honour of the thousands of Jamaican women who have produced this oil throughout the years. This results in the production of the finest natural Castor oil in Jamaica. Outa Earth Castor oil is the only oil that has been certified to Cosmetic Grade by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica through the Jamaica Made Mark of Quality and authenticity.

Visit: www.outaearthltd.com