Big Radio Online

“Bold Imagination Group”, a Miami-based startup entertainment company, has launched its new app,
“Big Radio Online.” We are committed to delivering highly demanded live music programming which includes but is not limited to Reggae, Dancehall, Soca & Calypso; but that’s not all, Big Radio will
definitely program to live stream the latest in Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and Inspirational Music.

The app puts users directly in contact with live Radio Hosts, Personalities and DJs which is extremely interactive and will respond to the requests of listeners tuning in worldwide. The Big Radio Online app is available to users free for both iOS & Android operating systems. BIG Radio brings to radio the Caribbean flair and the dope Hip Hop vibes along with the flexibility and accessibility that the Web has long given mobile users who have already adapted to instantly streaming TV shows, movies and downloading books.

With cutting-edge technology and dedicated journalism, Big Radio also offers local and international world news throughout their live broadcast including but not limited to promotions, advertisements, pop culture happenings, and philanthropic announcements. Through airwaves, BIG Radio thrives on a world-wide endeavor helping every community tuning in globally. We take considerable pride in our philanthropic work and look for even greater success towards our contributes in the future. Big Radio Online anticipates expanding the service to other markets and platforms in the future; for now, we are celebrating the conception and exponential growth experience.