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Welcome to E.A.T. JAMAICA Ecology Agriculture Trade

Campaign for a Clean, Green & Healthy Earth | Pilot Project: Jamaica


Donate to E.A.T. Jamaica Aid for Artisans

Donate to E.A.T. Jamaica Aid for Artisans

A Jamaica Homecoming

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Haile Selassie High Health Fair

Kingston, Jamaica

Jan 21 - Jan 21

2019 Save The Date! RasTafari.TV E.A.T. Jamaica 4th Annual Free Lunch & Health Fair Haile Selassie I Technical High

Haile Selassie High Health Fair

21 / Jan / 2019

Jamaicans Abroad Helping Jamaicans at Home (JAHJAH) JAHJAH Foundation is helping to improve public healthcare in Jamaica for the benefit of everyone, nationals and visitors to Jamaica.

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Kingston, Jamaica

10:00 am - 04:00 pm

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Spotlight on di Road

A Campaign for a Clean, Green & Healthy Earth

We’re traveling the earth sharing our 8 step socio-economic stimuli to restore, preserve and practice our ancient way of life.  Our sustainable education campaign for a clean, green & healthy earth begins in paradise Jamaica.  Join us for a Jamaica Homecoming, as we film, document, and archive a humanitarian experience of the people, culture, species, and flora and how it interconnects with the lungs of the earth.

Projects include:

• Walkerswood Youth Foundation Adoption of School District

• E.A.T. Clean, Green, Healthy Communities

• Mentoring Inner-City Youth; International

• Community Health Fair; Jamaica

• Adoption of the Haile Selassie High School; Jamaica

•NEW! JRDC Shashemene School; Ethiopia